Make Green Do More, By Making Green Make$ence

kinredSun's New Kinder Causenet Solar

Is Solar Powered People Funding, It Powers Homes And Empower People In It And Around It, It Repurposes Solar'S Role In Society Making It Even More Important That It Already Is

It'S Independently Owned Solar Systems On Your Home And Business That We Integrate Together Aligned By Common Cause, We Empower You To Direct The Profits Of Your Own System To Fund The Programs That You Care About Generating Excess Millions Of Dollars In Passive Funding That Can Replace Fundraising For Any And All After School And Youth Programs As Well As Many Senior Citizens, Veterans And Animal Welfare Initiative And Programs.

Share the Sun Share the Sun Share the Sun

Solar Works Better When We Work Together

Our Solution: Just Do What We Have Always Done, "Share the Sun"

The Solution

How We Make Green Do More.

We share locally generated renewable solar energy revenues tied to "actual measured energy output" from every solar system installed on your community’s participating homes and businesses.

When Green Does More.

Our youth and their families won't have to worry about the "pay to play" costs for after school programs, reducing what we like to call "kitchen table stress". We can drastically reduce or even eliminate the time and effort spent by students, coaches and teachers creating, organizing and conducting endless fundraising events.

What's the catch? NONE.

No strings attached. It is your community's money, period. Our filed patent applications protect your community's interests by providing an iron clad legal ownership based on a percentage of the actual measured solar energy that your community's homes and businesses produce every day, not profit sharing promises, or any form of business partnership with kindredSun™ or anyone else.


Your Solar Dollar Never went Further.

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