The Problem:

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The Problem: Our youth, their families, Schools and their communities all pay the price for pay to play.
America communities and their families spend over $2 Trillion Dollars annually in preventable, avoidable cost that starts in school with problems like poor performance and attendance, higher dropout and lower graduation rates dramatic increases in school violence chronic health problems resulting from early stage obesity and wait problems.

Additional Problems Resulting From Exposed To High Risk Behavior And Peer Pressure, During And After School Resulting In Smoking, Exploitation, Drug Use, Un-Planned Teenage Pregnancy And Sky Rocketing Juvenile Crime.

All of these problems become long term reality that eventually cost us Billions of Dollars today while our youth is young and trillions of dollars tomorrow when they grow up

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Primary Cause:$3.5 Billion was cut from sports programs in primary urban public schools between the years of 2009-2011. This takes no time to have the full effect on cancellations on after school programs closing nationwide. American families privately contribute $3.6 Billion dollars of matching funds which are now the only funds forcing one third of all U.S. public schools to close their after school programs by year 2020

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The Cost: KinderSun can fully fund for free any exiting or re-open any closed after school program in about one year.
With $15 Million youth release from school from the hours of 3.00PM to 6.00PM un-supervised as lead to the highest rates of juvenile crimes costing $26 Billion doors a year this includes everything from truancy to drug use to violent behavior, exploitation and teenage pregnancy costing and additional $342 Billion dollars directly to 27 Million working parents to must leave work eight days a year to come to the aid of their children this is between 20 and 30 times the national cost of after school programs between $2 and $5 Billion dollars per year.

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going going gone the decline of youth sports!

The kindredSun CauseNet CurekindredSun can fully fund for free any exiting or re-open any closed after school or youth program in about one year. The kindredSun CauseNet Curekindersun Can Fully Fund For Free Any Exiting Or Re-Open Any Closed After School Or Youth Program In About One Year. They May Not Even Know It, Or Worse Not Say Anything If They Do, But They Need Our Help. Statistics Overwhelmingly Show That Our Nations Youth's Physical, Emotional And Academic Abilities Are All Related And In A Downward Spiral Until Now.

We mean business, and we need your help. To get involved click I'm In!

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The kindredSun™ Foundation was created to redefine renewable energy benefits by allowing them to fund afterschool programs and eliminate the time consuming fundraising they require. All this while protecting our environment and saving our community's homeowners and businesses money.

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