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KindredSun Executive Team Biographies

Rob LaVigne

General Partner
KSG President, COO
KSS Director Operations
Founders Board of Advisers

Rob LaVigne has More than 20 years of diverse business experience, including:

  • SolarCity, Regional Vice President, Sales and Operations, WA, OR, No CA, HI
  • Oregon Solar Industries Association (OSEIA) Board of Directors
  • Renewable NRG, VP of sales
  • Norton Motor Sports, Director of Marketing and Merchandise
  • Nike / Savier Inc., Director of

Rob LaVigne

Rob brings five years of recent Executive Management experience from SolarCity, 5 years technically advising and directly participating in the development of every facet of kindredSun while running his own company Referral Solar, which is used as the active solar Integration and installation arm of kindredSun sales now in business since 2012. Rob is widely solicited by the financial, government and consumer solar consumer advocacy group regarding industry investment, legal and technical expertise. He is widely considered among the most sought after expert consultants in the country.

Mr. LaVigne VP of Sales and Operations for SolarCity earning him an executive stake in the Solar City’s record breaking public offering, one of the most successful IPO’s in the history of wall street taking $10 million initial investment from Elon Musk to $4.5 Billion Dollar opening IPO on under 5 years. From the company's inception his direct supervision of over 20 thousand residential and hundreds of school and government sales and installations made Rob a key player in positioning SolarCity as an industry leader resulting in their highly successful IPO in late 2012

Rob helped build Solar City’s corporate-wide sales team and served as Regional Vice President for commercial and residential sales and operations in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and Hawaii. He was instrumental in more than 20,000 solar systems being sold and installed in the last few years. He specializes in developing sales strategies and business operations to manage high volume residential and large scale commercial solar system installations.

Larry Simpson

Senior Strategic Advisor,
Founders Board Member
Senior Executive Advisor Operations

kindredSun Structural Business Designer. A dynamic organizational leader with over 30 years' experience as a corporate reengineer in the financial services and banking industries.

  • Director of Mortgage Processes and Compliance for FHA in Washington DC
  • Senior Executive Vice President of IBM
  • Awarded EVP level out of 50,000 Executives 5 years in a row.

Larry Simpson

Larry’s extensive work experience has ranged from reorganizing divisions for multinational conglomerates to starting new subsidiary companies for Fortune 50/500 corporations. As a seasoned people manager, Larry possesses the soft skills to positively influence the mindsets and behaviors of his team members in achieving operational effectiveness. He has a consistent record of attracting and retaining top talent.

Currently on assignment directing assets for the government, Larry’s day job is as a senior manager for a fortune 50 global organization, serving as a subject matter expert within his industry. He has recently restructured his business units and achieved over 100% productivity throughputs and improved service level timelines with a 50% reduction of team members, without layoffs. He the most award winning manager in the SVP Class of 50,000 employees.

Larry answers personally to the President for special assignments as wide ranging as directing a rapid response team of elite product designers and counsel to directors of the BRICK strategic global initiative. Among many other responsibilities Larry has regularly performed similar functions and results for previous firms such as serving as a Senior Vice President and Managing Director for a leading financial services and investment banking firm. Also served as Vice President, General Manager for a national title services corporation and as Director of a communication services firm.

Participating in the kindredSun program is his calling. He personally provided the business tutoring training to KS management every Sunday for over years and worked with the Founder designing the business that would ultimately become the patentable quadruple bottom line high impact environmental and social benefit engine for good that it is today. Mr. Simpson attended the University of Wyoming with an emphasis of Corporate Finance and served in the United States Air Force, receiving an honorable discharge.

Loni Kotz

Founders Board Advisors
Special Assistant to the Founding Partners
Social Media Department
Special Projects

Loni is an Oregon native who has been part of the kindredSun family since 2011.

  • Mama Bear
  • Entrepreneur
  • CEO Smashed Bananas Production, a small business consulting firm
  • One of the first Kindred Sun Team members
  • Helped build, and rebuild kindredSun along side Founder Robert Thatcher

Loni Kotz

Loni has been considered the Mama Bear of kindredSun from day one. Her passion to help children in need stems from being raised by a single mother and spending her childhood in poverty. Loni understands all too well what it is like to go hungry, not have proper clothes, supplies, or adequate support in school.

As a result, Loni started working in cause marketing once she started earning her AAS in Marketing. Loni is a mother of three and volunteers often at her children’s schools by helping in the classrooms, special events/parties, and fieldtrips. Loni is on a mission and absolutely driven to ensure that her children, and all children have the proper opportunities and support that is vital for their overall success.

Bernard Hansen

Bainbridge Associates,
Founders Board of Advisers
Executive Counsel Business Planning

Bernard Hansen, Strategic Advisor / Co- CFO, specializes in start-up and early stage companies with a focus on developing and executing business strategies.

Professional services include:

  • Developing financial projections
  • Valuations; Business plans
  • Commercialization plans
  • Debt and capital analyses
  • Conducting due diligence assessments for acquisitions Joint ventures, Lenders, and Investors
  • Evaluating potential acquisitions and dispositions

Bernard Hansen

Loni has been considered the Mama Bear of kindredSun from day one. Her passion to help children in need stems from being raised by a single mother and spending her childhood in poverty. Loni understands all too well what it is like to go hungry, not have proper clothes, supplies, or adequate support in school.

As a result, Loni started working in cause marketing once she started earning her AAS in Marketing. Loni is a mother of three and volunteers often at her children’s schools by helping in the classrooms, special events/parties, and fieldtrips. Loni is on a mission and absolutely driven to ensure that her children, and all children have the proper opportunities and support that is vital for their overall success.

Deborah Lynn McKnight

Marketing Consultant

Deborah Lynn or "Deblin" as we like to call her is a graduate of Westview High School Class of 2007, Deblin has a strong business background, and in high school competed and won the DECA competition (Distribute Education Clubs of America), a real world application of business, marketing and accounting principles; winning at both the Oregon State competition and the Nationals held in Orlando, Florida.

Deblin also studied Business Administration with a focus on small business and entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon and in 2012 received her Degrees Summa Cum Laude in Human Resources and Leadership and Management

Deborah Lynn McKnight

Her unique insights and contributions to the kindredSun™ program began early 2009 when she co-authored the original "Unified Coaches fund" proposal to the State of Oregon for consideration by then Governor Kulongoski's former education adviser, James Sager, who is current assistant superintendent Northwest Education Service District.

While in high school she raised more money than any of her competitors in entertainment book sales in order to fund her trip to Nationals for DECA in Orlando, Florida. She continued her success in fund raising and went on to become the Vice President of Sponsorship and Fund raising for the American Marketing Association at the University of Oregon

Today, Deborah Lynn comes from a family of five children and knows firsthand what it feels like to be able to play after school sports. Unfortunately, most of her brothers and sisters were not able to enjoy extracurricular activities due to the financial hardship it put on the family. This personal experience makes Deborah invaluable to our team.

Leland Carrol Thoburn

Chief Financial Advisor
Founders Board of Advisors
Financial structural design

Mr. Thoburn a founding Member of EarthLink managed the legal department of EarthLink through its IPO, and successfully managed EarthLink's long-term relationships with: many fortune 50 company. At Executive level Contract and legal negotiations a function he performs as need ed for KSG.

Mr. Thoburn is an accomplished author having published over 50 short stories. He is a well-rounded

Leland Carrol Thoburn

Mr. Thoburn has an extensive background in venture capital and strategic planning. In 1993, he co-founded Cambridge Partners, a Southern California venture consulting firm. He later consulted EarthLink, then a startup, and wrote its first business plan and acted as its first CFO during the early, private capital stages.

Mr. Thoburn had an 11-year career at EarthLink, during which time he held positions of Legal Director; Vice President Business Development; Vice President Special Projects; and Vice President Strategic Relations.

Mr. Thoburn joined the kindredSun team in 2014 as a financial modeler and proved to be indispensable in helping develop our business model in stages for pre and post investor funding. He will advise and work part time kindredSun to implement the concepts we have designed for an active business model.

Greg Hansen

Founders Board of Advisors
Senior VP KSF Government
Education Affairs

Greg Founded and serves as president and managing director of GQG, a Portland based strategy, marketing, and market research firm.

He serves as a strategic marketer and researcher to many clients, including, among others:

  • Intel
  • JohnsonDiversey
  • Microsoft
  • Nortel
  • Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Greg Hansen

Greg is a veteran community educator and marketer. He has served private, public, and non-profit organizations for more than 30 years. Greg has worked with a wide range of corporations from Fortune 100 to small businesses, school districts, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and globally.

He managed school-community relations programs for school districts in Camas, Washington, Salem-Keizer, Oregon, and West Des Moines, Iowa. During this period, Greg gained valuable experience in assessing community needs, identifying resources, promoting public/private nonprofit partnerships, engaging individuals and groups, and developing programs and services to help people of all ages.

Among numerous distinctions, the Oregon Community Education Association honored Greg as the 1985 C.S. Mott Community Educator of the Year Award. He also has been actively involved in many other local to international organizations over the years, including Chambers of Commerce, United Way, and YMCA. Greg earned Masters and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Oregon.

Troy Willis

Board of Advisors kindredSun Group
Cowboy / CrossFit VP Liaison to kindredSun Group

Troy is Owner/Manager of Cowboy CrossFit. Troy’s passion and second career coaching started in high school where he coached and refereed soccer. 

To date Troy has:

  • Level 1 CrossFit certification along with the Olympic Lifting Gymnastics
  • Mobility
  • CrossFit Kids
  • In 2009 he started working with at risk kids with Phoenix Charter School to help supplement their PE program

Troy Willis

In 2010 Troy started a gym for adults with the goal of continuing to reach the youth in the local community. To date he has worked with several hundred grade school students around the district and will continue building programs for the schools as well as the adult population.

Troy has been quoted saying “I like helping adults reach new levels of fitness but really love working with today’s youth”. After Troy’s close friend Jody Brooks died Troy decided to create Cowboy CrossFit in his honor, a nonprofit organization designated to help kids learn about fitness. Troy is also on the Steve’s Club board, a nonprofit organization designed to reach the under privileged youth in the inner city of New Jersey.

Troy’s professional career as an International / Domestic Commercial Mortgage Banker reveals a true multinational professional with global experience, proficiency in local market and country-specific segmentation, and acute understanding of the global marketplace, its critical business considerations—geopolitical conditions, economic factors, social/cultural practices, industry trends, competitive presence, regulatory affairs—and their impact on growth, profitability, and success.

He Founded the Business Loan Store in 1997, specializing in commercial real estate lending.

Hana Weller

VIP Sales and Marketing

Hana has been a top producer Paramount SolarCity number one in California and Oregon consistently .Solar Sales and Finance originating as a Loan officer and Senior Underwriter. Hana also will be in charge of regional training and public speaking events. She has headed numerous

Divisions of Paramount:
These divisions have included, but not been limited to, loan processing, FHA endorsements

Hana Weller

Hana is one of our resident specialists in the solar Industry; having helped start multiple programs in California, Arizona, and Oregon. She helped implement, train and educate on programs collaborated between the State of Oregon, Energy Trust of Oregon, PGE, Pacific Power, and SolarCity. An extremely goal orientated person, Hana made it one her highest priorities to help the state achieve their goal of 20% renewable energy production by 2020.

Additionally, Hana has spent many years in residential investing and home finance. Currently Hana is employed by Paramount, LLC and has opened numerous divisions over the last nine years.

Steve Rast

Special Board of Advisors
CrossFit Special Liaison to KindredSun
KindredSun’s Captains of America

Steve has designed specialized youth training programs for schools across the country working with a certification process conducted by 12,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide.

Steve was in the U.S. Marine Corps from June 1997 to June 2004 where he served as Reconnaissance Team Leader, and was Airborne/Swim/SERE Trained. He received numerous Awards/Medals including:

  • Naval Achievement
  • National Defense
  • Good Conduct
  • Volunteer
  • Outstanding Service

Steve Rast

Steve is founder and Executive Director of CrossFit Kin Eugene, Oregon. He helps local schools reintroduce P.E. to aid in children’s physical literacy. Steve was also a Rugby Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Washington and University of Oregon.

Steve is also credited with delaying the launch of the company by discovering we are the first calibrated Regenerative Balanced BI-Volumetric Output Common Delineated Business Model, ever to use Ultra High Impact Value, Eco / Social Economic Cause Net Solar Revenue Engines. Number 1 Design 4Purpose Built for Dual Purpose, Triple Benefit Quadruple Bottom Line

Steve is currently an adjunct instructor at the Department of Physical Education for the University of Oregon. He holds numerous certifications including Global Master Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Seminar, VIPR – Global Master Trainer, Trigger Point Therapy.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Policy and Management with an emphasis on Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon. He is currently earning an MBA in Healthcare Management at OHSU.

Wallace A. Glausi

General Partner
KSF Chairman of the Board
KSG Senior Business Counsel
kindredSun Solar Sales Legal

Wallace counsels emerging growth companies and investment funds on issues related to formation, financing, growth, portfolio investments and liquidity.

Professional Experience:

  • Ater Wynne LLP, Portland, Oregon, Partner, 2004 to present
  • White & Lee LLP, Portland, Oregon, Partner, 2000 to 2004
  • Education Georgetown University Law Center, LL.M., 1993
  • University of Oregon School of Law, J.D., 1992
  • Admitted to Practice Oregon, New York, U.S. Tax Court, Washington

Wallace A. Glausi

Wallace provides strategic counsel on positioning, business model and revenue generation issues, and tax planning. He has represented developers, borrowers, investors and lenders on more than eight dozen tax credit syndications, finance transactions, and public offerings, including low-income housing, energy and renewable energy deals.

He also represents companies on a variety of transactional matters, including mergers and acquisitions, complex strategic, equity, debt, and venture financings, and stock/equity incentive plans.

Professional Activities:
AeA Legislative Committee, Oregon State Bar Recent Presentations What Your Deal Looks Like to You. Wallace Glausi, Partner, Energy and Emerging Business. Energy Conference '07: Making Renewable Energy Projects Happen. April 24, 2007.

Grant Eggleston

VP Operatiions GMSO
Mortgage / Solar Sales Opertions

In 2009 Grant joined forces with Rob Thatcher to bring (Em2L)²’s "Unified Coaches Fund" school referral fee concept to Paramount Energy Solutions and has played a key role in the development of the Solar Power Pledge program since 2010. Grant will Anchor both Sides of our Operations

Grant Eggleston

Grant worked for Nike as an administrator for several years and being bi-lingual decided to move to Costa Rica where he worked with local organizations on a variety of volunteer projects for over 2 years and continues to volunteer in Oregon to help the community and it’s less fortunate regularly.

Grant has been working for Paramount Equity Mortgage / Energy Solutions since they originally opened their doors back in 2004. Grant has managed and acted in an administrative capacity in numerous positions over his tenure with Paramount. In 2010 Grant devoted his full efforts to spearhead and develop the Oregon market for Paramount Solar.

His background in local sports at the high school and collegiate level he has continued to perform as kindredSun’s "quarterback" using his invaluable experience in solar energy systems and finance to guide kindredSun™ though the market and industry realities while targeting the opportunities that have made our community goals so achievable and realistic.

Grant has helped every step of the way in developing a coherent and fundamentally sound program both from a technical stand point and a social benefit perspective.

Andrew Rubey

Managing Partner
General Manager kindredSun Group

Andrew has actively participated in the growth of kindred Sun from its origins as a radical re-imagining of the solar industry to a fully realized, game changing model.

As General Manager, his education, network, and cross industry experiences will be crucial to KindredSun's success in business development, day-to-day operations, and overall growth.

Andrew Rubey

Andrew brings a diverse background to the kindred Sun team. Following his graduation from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in psychology, he quickly rose from the ranks of intern to copywriter with a successful Dallas advertising agency. At a young age, he decided to alter his career path, which led him years of success in the restaurant industry, where he engineered rapid growth at multiple concepts.

In 2007, Andrew decided an MBA was the next logical step in his career, and in 2008, he enrolled at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Graduating in 2010 with an MBA in international business, he kept his talents local and began working for Paramount Equity Mortgage / Energy Solutions.

Working closely with Rob Thatcher, he has been essential in bringing the company to life through his tireless work on the business plan, marketing model, and other key areas Including the development of Super Solar before we knew what it was good for!

Due to his travels, experiences at Thunderbird and career background, Andrew is flush with a wide array of core competencies and professional contacts across the globe in a multitude of industries.

Robert “Rocky” Titus

First Founder COB/BOD Relations

Bob brings a wealth of experience into kindredSun™ with respect to funding start up companies and  ongoing corporate financing strategies. His background in investment banking provides a strong asset to the executive team.

Bobs background in investment banking and sound judgment has been the invaluable over the years as Rob Thatcher Principal Adviser going back to the early 1990’s when they met in southern California.

Robert “Rocky” Titus

Bob served as Senior Vice President for the Western Region of Norwest Bank and was responsible for significantly expanding both market share and profitability for his division. His experience in the Investment Banking world provided significant insights into Corporate Structuring and the allocations of financial resources.

Bob has also created and successfully run several of his own companies. Bob is from a Military family and has traveled extensively throughout the world during his lifetime. His educational background includes acceptance into the United States Military Academy at West Point and Texas A&M University.

Along with his varied education, Bob was also a proud member of the United States Marine Corp. In order to continually improve himself, Bob has also recently obtained a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Andrew Venor

Principal Owner
kindredSun Group
Board of Directors KSF

Andrew joined the kindredSun™ business team in 2009 as a research and development specialist.

Andy's incredible attention to detail and background in engineering can be found everywhere in the kindredSun™ program design and social benefit outcomes: from patent research to incorporation, legal issues and business model pro forma accounting.

Andrew Venor

Andy has delivered everything the company has needed from finance to design to make this ground breaking renewable energy to social benefit business model a reality. Andy became an our first capital investor and Partner in 2012.

Andy has worked in the semiconductor industry for the last 14 years with Edwards Ltd. During this time, he has specialized in process gas abatement and vacuum support systems for semiconductor factories.

Prior to that Andy served in the US Navy as a nuclear power technician on surface warships. Andy specialized in main propulsion and electrical turbines along with their support systems.

Andy graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1996. Additionally, Andy graduated from the US Navy's Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Florida, specializing in shipboard nuclear mechanical systems. Andy currently resides in Beaverton, OR.

Andy is our all of the above go to guy as well as financier. He is also passionate about not leaving anyone behind his parents Walter and Kathy have raised the best son and human being – if indeed he is, on the planet.

Andy’s also is very passionate not only about Kids but most vulnerable friends and family and pets, foremost his own beloved Blue Healer Candy,

Robert Thatcher

Founder, Principal Owner
kindredSun Group

After relocating to Oregon in 2008, Rob began working on business model using a new renewable energy based revenue approach to fund our community afterschool and special needs classroom programs and soon after formed kindredSun™.

kindredSun is a public - private "bridge" built on the concept of a public energy trust or entitlement protected by filed patents for "energy produced by a community for its own interests". Soon after the company's inception, Rob created a working

Robert Thatcher


Robert began his professional career in 1985 traveling extensively nationally and internationally as a top industrial sales and design specialist for SVECIA MFG, headquartered in Norsborg, Sweden. Rob applied for and received his first business method patent for the screen printing industry designed to mitigate the "negative macro-economic" effects on the textile labor industry created by the passage of NAFTA legislation on American factories. Rob was lucky to have been selected to be one of the first test pilots for New Jerseys notoriously infamous “scared straight” an “advanced alternative social study program” for young men. This experience and many others inspired him to create kindredSun or “children’s Sun” or “kind Red Sun” to provide the funding to ensure all our children would have safe places to go after school to do better things that would lead them to their best futures.


Rob graduated in 1985 with a degree in Microprocessor Architecture and Telecommunications Technology from DeVry Technical Institute in Woodbridge, NJ. He went on to enjoy two separate careers spanning 30 years in the fields of Industrial screen printing and the financial services industry, both careers were abruptly ended by Government legislation NAFTA and Dodd Frank.


Everything is owed to someone and the journey started 10 years ago when =a man made such a singular impression on me, Rob owns the rights to numerous technical device and business method patents in fields relating to both of his Industrial and financial careers that uniquely qualified him for him for designing the first clean industrial “Quadruple Bottom Line” business designed with a single purpose to profitable generate revenue in quantities capable of funding after school programs.

In his spare time Rob (AKA “Bucky”) enjoys riding unicycles and playing with Bullies, one more so that beloved Delilah.

KindredSun™ Develop Renewable Energy Funding As A Multiple Patent Pending Business Method We Use What We Call Eco-Social Edu-Economic Engineering For House And Wealth Human Balance Benefit.

By Providing New Community And Utility Eco Balanced Financial Benefit We Increase The Individual Benefit Dramatically As Well. This Centralizes Entire Communities To Integrate In To Their Own Cause Network By Providing Them Overwhelming Financial Environmental, Financial, Economic, Educational And Health Benefits That Are Specifically Designed To Reduce Or Eliminate Long Term Shared Costs To Every Community Saving Them Millions More Annually While Providing Better Services And Higher Quality Life For All.

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